The Kingdom of Arramia is full of magical animals... dragons, unicorns, fire birds and star wolves! Somewhere, hidden away, there are enchanted stones that will let you talk to these magical creatures.

Cover illustrations by Sophy Williams
Cover illustrations by Sophy Williams

The Secret Rescuers is published by Nosy Crow in the UK. In the States they will be published by Aladdin from March 2017.

Book 1 The Storm Dragon
Book 2 The Sky Unicorn

Book 3 The Baby Firebird
Book 4 The Magic Fox

Book 5 The Star Wolf

Book 6 The Sea Pony


Sophy is a maid at the Royal castle in the magical Kingdom of Arramia. When a small dragon crash-lands in the orchard, she's amazed that she can talk to it! But a wicked knight called Sir Fitzroy hates the magical animals and its up to Sophy to save the little dragon.

Maya is a dancer with a travelling troupe of entertainers. When Clover, a little unicorn, is trapped by Sir Fitzroy, Maya hatches a cunning plan. She and Sophy will disguise themselves and foil Sir Fitzroy’s plot, and the unicorns will be safe! 

When the evil Lord Fortescue starts searching for the firebirds' enchanted valley, Talia and Lucas are determined to help the magical creatures. But they're going to need special help and it won't be easy to find!


Poppy sells candles in the streets of beautiful Penlee, and she has a wonderful secret; she knows there is a magical scarlet fox family living in the town park. When Sir Fitzroy and his brutish soldiers march into town and demand that all magical creatures be captured and taken away, Poppy must help the foxes escape. But the youngest fox is too small to run with his family, and he hasn’t yet mastered his powers! Can Poppy hide him from the soldiers and help him find his family before Sir Fitzroy can carry out his terrible plan?

The beautiful forest that Emma lives in is home to the star wolves. Each evening, the wolves’ magical song makes the stars appear in the sky. One autumn day, Emma rescues a star wolf pup from a trap. She begins a search for the little pup’s family. But mean Lord Hector is trying to catch all the star wolves – he hates magical creatures and has a horrible potion to prevent the star wolves from singing. Can Emma rescue the star wolf pack from Lord Hector before the stars stop shining at night?

Grace loves living in the tropical village of Cala Sands, it has a gorgeous beach and the sun always shines. She especially likes to swim with the magical sea ponies that live in the warm, clear waters around the bay. Grace wishes more than anything that she could talk to the ponies – especially the pretty pony with the sparkling eyes and rainbow tail!

When Sophy and Maya arrive and tell Grace that magical creatures all over the kingdom are in terrible danger, Grace knows she has to protect the precious sea ponies. Cruel Lady Cavendish is sailing out into the ocean to catch them in a huge net, so Grace, Maya and Sophy stow away on her ship. But will their rescue plan work? And will Grace ever get her magical speaking stone and be able to speak to her favourite sea pony?